Do you get lost in the crowd and remain unnoticed? Step into the spotlight! Don’t let anything stand in your way to success. What maters is not just your musical style, but also your image. Create it according to your wishes!


Are you sure you are wearing the right t-shirt? If not, you can order personalised printed t-shirts to represent your unique style. With custom made print you can express even more than you can with your lyrics.


Ste res prepričani, da ste oblekli pravo majico? Če niste, lahko pri nas naročite majico z odtisom, ki vas bo predstavil na vam izbrani način. Z izbranim in vam lastnim motivom lahko “zapojete” tudi to, kar ne povedo vaša besedila …


We are certain your guitar riffs already gained you loads of fans. And surely you have lost loads of your guitar plectrums, right? Design your own ones to complete your style. Also, a lovely souvenir for the fans, what do you say?


Do you remember the legendary print on drumhead of the legendary Ringo Starr? The Beatles, of course! You can have you own print as well. No worries if you are switching bands shortly. We can easily create a new one.

Drums are one thing, but drumsticks are another. Yes, they also can be completely yours. What you want to print on them is entirely up to you. However, if you add to them your phone number or hotel room number, we do not take responsibility for what might happen next! Let’s rock!


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The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.